Texas Attorney General Pursues Restitution For Debt Settlement Clients

August 20, 2009

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott took legal action to seek restitution for clients of Bankrupt Debt Relief USA. The Addison based company filed bankruptcy itself in June and the attorney general claims that it took $4.6 million in client funds without providing any assistance.

Attorney General Abbott filed for restitution in the Northern District of Texas bankruptcy court handling the bankruptcy filing of Bankrupt Debt Relief USA.

The petition alledges that more than 2,500 financially distressed clients of the firm did not recieve the debt relief that they were promised, and that their financial problems were “exacerbated by the bankrutpcy”.

Judge Ends Testimony In Case That Could Result In Her Removal

August 20, 2009

Texas top judge on the Court of Criminal Appeals completed her testimony in a case that could result in her removal from the bench. Judge Sharon Keller testified that she would have done the same thing if the case were to come up again.

Judge Keller faces five charges of judicial misconduct stemming from her refusal to keep the court clerk’s office open to receive appeals in a death penalty case. She contends that attorneys for Michael Wayne Richard had methods available to them to contact any of the nine judges on the court to submit appeals on his behalf.

The case won notoriety for Judge Keller, with anti-death penalty groups calling her “Judge Killer” for refusing to accept appeals in the case. Richard’s attorneys began a last ditch effort to save him just hours after the Supreme Court halted executions in Kentucky to hear arguements on the process that the state uses to impose the death penalty.

The judge hearing the case will submit his findings to the state’s commission on judicial conduct, who will then decide if they want to dismiss the charges, censure the judge or remove her from the bench.

Beginning the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Process

August 19, 2009

What to expect when you begin the Chapter 13 Bankrutpcy process in Dallas Fort Worth.

Judge’s Trial Begins Today

August 17, 2009

An impeachment proceeding for Judge Sharon Keller, who presides over the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, that centers on a death row appeal that she allegedly turned away begins today in San Antonio.

Judge Keller, a Republican who has served on the court since 1994, hasn’t spoken publicly about the issue since being charged with judicial misconduct in February. She is expected to testify in the proceedings.

Fromme Released From Federal Prison

August 14, 2009

Would-be assasin and former Manson Family member Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme was released from federal prison in today in Fort Worth.

A spokesperson for Federal Medical Center Carswell said that Fromme left the facility at about 8 a.m. this morning.

Fromme was serving a life sentence for attempting to assasinate President Gerald Ford in Sacramento, California in September 1975.

She was the first person sentenced under a federal law enacted to cover assaults on U.S. Presidents after the assasination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Foreclosures Up In Tarrant County, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Help

August 14, 2009

Growing numbers of families in Tarrant County are being hit where they live by the current economic conditions. According to numbers issued by Foreclosure Listing Service, filings for the September auction are up 9.5 percent from the August number and 54 percent increase from September 2008.

The Addison based company tracks foreclosure numbers across the country. George Roddy, president of Foreclosure Listing Service, said that although the Metroplex hasn’t been hit as hard as other parts of the country, residential foreclosure has risen exponentially here too.

“Residential foreclosure posting activity has quadrupled since Jan. 1, 2000,” Roddyexplained. “By this time in 2000, just 9,976 homes in the Metroplex had been posted for foreclosure, compared to the almost 45,000 so far this year.”

So far this year in Tarrant County, 14,635 homes have been posted for foreclosure.

If your home is facing foreclosure, you have options to stop the sale and save your home. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and find out how Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop foreclosure proceedings and help you keep your home.

Statistics Show Many Bankruptcies Linked To Medical Bills

August 12, 2009

With the recent debate on health care reform causing uprisings at many town hall meetings held by congressmen in their home districts, it strikes me as funny that medical bills are involved in 60 percent of personal bankruptcy cases in 2007.

Granted the reason many of these people are filing bankruptcy is due to being unable to work due to the medical problems they have faced. The study released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows that 62 percent of those who filed with medical debts had hospital bills that totaled more than 10 percent of their family’s income.

Sotomayor Confirmed

August 6, 2009

The U.S. Senate confirmed Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court in a 68 to 31 vote, meaning that a few Republicans supported President Barack Obama’s first nominee to the court.

As the 111th justice she is the third woman appointed and the first hispanic to ever sit on the panel.

The Senate’s lone Hispanic Democrat and head of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey, hailed the nominee minutes befor the vote with this speech. “History awaits, and so does an anxious Hispanic community in this country,”  he said.  “When she places her hand on the Bible and takes the oath of office, the new portrait of the justices of the Supreme Court will clearly reflect who we are as a nation, what we stand for as a fair, just and hopeful people.”

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