Grapevine Bankruptcy Lawyer

Considering Bankruptcy in Grapevine?

Are creditors beating down your door? Do you avoid answering the telephone because you don’t want to talk to a bill collector? Has keeping up with the Jones’ finally caught up with your bank account? Do you have questions about bankruptcy? Have you considered consulting with a Dallas/Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney?

If you live in Grapevine and are considering filing for Bankruptcy, contact Robert A. Higgins & Associates. We are a full service bankruptcy law firm that can help you navigate your options under the changes enacted to bankruptcy law in 2005. Our experienced staff can show you how to best protect your assets by filling Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Our firm is dedicated to providing you with quality legal counsel.

Contact Us today. We offer free consultations for all new clients. Our law offices are conveniently located nearby in Hurst (Northeast Tarrant County). We also have an office on Camp Bowie West in Fort Worth. Even if you don’t live in north central Texas, we can help by referring you to a quality Bankruptcy Attorney in your area.

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