Bankruptcy Articles Higgins and Associates Can you improve your credit score after bankruptcy?

After the colossal financial collapse in the US, many consumers incurred insurmountable amount of debt. In this situation, they choose filing bankruptcy one of the debt relief programs to discharge their debts. But remember that filing bankruptcy adversely affects your credit score and your potential lenders might consider you high risk borrower. You might face […]

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Texas Legal News Higgins and Associates Tarrant County Liquor Store Chain Files Bankruptcy

Majestic Liquor Stores filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection yesterday in Fort Worth, according to reports in the Star-Telegram. A bankruptcy judge allowed the company to continue processing processing credit cards and pay its largest liquor suppliers in “first-day” motions, allowing the company to continue operating as a debtor in possession. The judge also allowed […]

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National Legal News Higgins and Associates 2010 Bankruptcies and Foreclosures on the Rise – Why?

In the calender year ending in June of 2010, there was a significant increase in bankruptcies in Texas and nationwide. This increase is about 20 percent. Why did this happen? Isn’t the economy improving? What if you have to file bankruptcy, will it be more difficult? And what can we all do to lessen bankruptcy […]

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